The Vision

UPH District Values

The redevelopment of this site centers around the concept of enriching the mind, body, and soul. Each of these interrelated themes ties back to the site’s history as an innovative and experiential national health and wellness destination. Today, as a dynamic urban district, these concepts drive decisions from architecture and design, to programming and public realm, to tenants and branding. Union Printers Home is a holistic place for all people, rooted in its authentic history and its relationship to Colorado Springs’ majestic context.

A Community Icon

Finding inspiration from a number of successful and iconic destinations around the world has helped influence the character and public realm of the site. The master plan sets out to create a community icon through:

  • Welcoming innovative and creative professionals with an environment and spaces that fuel their work and imagination.


  • Providing a platform for collaboration at all scales through creative programming, placemaking, and a focus on learning.


  • Establishing a sense of creativity and ingenuity through the integration of art and sustainability at all scales of public realm and building.

Pearl Brewery
San Antonio, TX


Inspiration – The Pearl 

Carlsberg District, Copenhagen

The Pearl
San Antonio, 2018
O’Hara, Shannon

This is a place of gathering, community, and inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from a number of successful projects around the world. The master plan attempts to create a place for collaboration and innovation by:

  • Infusing the site’s distinct history, location, topography, and relationship to the surrounding scenic landscape into the district’s identity and users’ experience.


  • Creating a vision with long-lasting controls to ensure the long-term protection of the site’s legacy and essential historic resources.


  • Providing a diverse range of living opportunities that interface intentionally with a robust network of community gathering spaces to foster a sense of community and comfort for all people.

A Place that Inspires

Drawing from a number of successful projects around the world. The master plan seeks to create a place that inspires its inhabitants and surrounding communities by:

  • Establishing a unique destination within and of Colorado Springs, with a focus on providing rich and diverse experiences for residents and visitors alike, offering vibrancy and vitality throughout the day and night and year-round.


  • Fostering a place that celebrates and cultivates Colorado Springs’ legacy as an international sports and health destination with an atmosphere focused on enhancing wellness.


  • Employing sustainable landscapes that contribute to a healthy ecosystem, preserve heritage tree canopies, and provide productive spaces for community use.

Inspiration – Moore Square, 2020

Inspiration – Moore Square

Mooneeram, Felix
Mazel Tov Restaurant

Distillery District
Toronto, Canada 2019

Distillery district project inspiration

Mao, Lianping
Hangzhou Cloud Town Exhibition Center,  2023

Hangzhou cloud project inspiration

Bennetts, Peter
WAM Boola Bardip Perth Western Australia, 2020

WAM Boola Bardip - project inspiration

This is a place of activity, health, and wellbeing.

Union Printers Home Masterplan

Master plan to be completed late 2023


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