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An Icon Grounded in Place

Union Printers Home is strategically located 1.5 miles east of Downtown Colorado Springs adjacent to one of the city’s largest parks, Memorial Park. The site is a 15-minute drive from Colorado Springs Airport, and is easily accessible to the rest of the Front Range communities via Interstate 25.  The site offers unparalleled views of Pikes Peak and the rest of the Front Range.

Union Printers Home multi-use ecosystem map

The district will offer a range of residential experiences, a collection of some of the best entertainment, retail, and cultural experiences in the region, and a nurturing environment for the kind of creativity and innovation that will fuel the next century of prosperity in Colorado Springs. This district will reshape the core of the city, becoming a new home and gathering place for locals and a compelling new destination for visitors that defines their stay in Colorado Springs.

The Mind, Body, and Soul of the City

Diagram showing the connections of soul, mind, and body within the new space


This is a place of innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration


This is a place of activity, health, and well-being.


This is a place of gathering, community, and inspiration.

Regional Landscapes

Union Printers Home is located approximately 8 miles east of regional landscapes such as the Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon Open Space and Cheyenne Mountain State Park. These treasured natural landmarks feature dramatic views and ancient rock formations showcasing a plethora of geological and ecological rarities.

The project takes into consideration its local natural resources, reflecting these regional landscapes within the various elements of the design and public realm.

Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Monument Creek

Monument Creek

Colorado Springs, CO

Coral Bluffs Colorado Springs

Corral Bluffs

Peyton, CO

Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, CO

Palmer Park

Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, CO

Black Forest, CO

Black Forest

Colorado Springs, CO

Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs, CO

Red Rock Canyon

Colorado Springs, CO

Quail Lake in Colorado Springs, CO

Quail Lake

Colorado Springs, CO

Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs, CO

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Ave. in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Ave.

Old Colorado City, CO

Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Colorado Springs, CO

Weidner Field in Colorado Springs, CO

Weidner Field

Colorado Springs, CO

Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO

U.S. Olympic Training Center

Colorado Springs

Manitou Springs, CO

Manitou Springs

Colorado Springs, CO

Local Destinations

Important to the master planning process is mapping these local destinations that reflect the diverse activities and communities that surround the site.

The heartbeat of the city

The community surrounding Union Printers Home has a pulse of its own with a range of activities that create local and regional draw. Activities within a 10-minute walk of Union Printers Home include:

Seasonal activities and festivals at Memorial Park and Prospect Lake. This community park hosts year-round events such as the Water Lantern Festival and the Labor Day Lift Off Festival that attract up to 120,000 participants. 

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center where hopeful Olympians and residents take pride in exercising at high altitudes.

The Stargazers Theatre and Events Center hosts thousands of live music concerts, film screenings and a wide variety of other stage performances. This unique dome building was built in 1969.


Printers Hill

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