Union Printers Home at Printers Hill

This will be a new kind of neighborhood in Colorado Springs: a holistic, modern, and urban community shaped around one of the city’s most historic and revered architectural assets—the Union Printers Home. The larger district, anchored by the rehabilitated 130-year-old “castle” building, will be designed to embrace the property’s history as a place of wellness and connection to the Front Range. 

The district will offer a range of residential experiences, a collection of some of the best entertainment, retail, and cultural experiences in the region, and a nurturing environment for the kind of creativity and innovation that will fuel the next century of prosperity in Colorado Springs. This district will reshape the core of the city, becoming a new home and gathering place for locals and a compelling new destination for visitors that defines their stay in Colorado Springs.

Over the course of its 130-year history, the Union Printers Home property has served as a destination for healing, a prominent landmark within the city, and a curiosity for generations of Colorado Springs residents and visitors.

Union Printers Home today

The UPH Partners purchased the property in 2021 and set out to protect its most significant historic features while breathing new life into the site. Through a carefully crafted master plan and redevelopment strategy, and under the stewardship of the UPH Partners, Union Printers Home offers a destination for the City of Colorado Springs and the larger region. It is a place of inspiration and community pride and an authentic neighborhood within the city.


During its 130-year history, Union Printers Home has been a destination for healing, a prominent landmark within the city, and a curiosity for generations of Colorado Springs residents and visitors. UPH Partners purchased the property in 2021 to protect its most significant historic assets and to breathe new life into the site. Developing a carefully crafted master plan, UPH Partners will steward a redevelopment strategy of the Union Printers Home into a destination for the City of Colorado Springs, the Front Range and beyond. It will be an authentic mixed-use neighborhood and a source of inspiration and community pride.

Union Printers Home today


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Site Ownership

Union Printers Home original brick work


The UPH Partners, including longtime local philanthropic and civic-minded investors, purchased Union Printers Home to preserve, revitalize and energize the campus and its iconic buildings. The partners, inspired by the significance of this property in Colorado Springs’ history and its potential to positively impact the surrounding neighborhoods and the larger region, came together to take on this ambitious redevelopment opportunity. Over the coming months and years, they will work to create a vision for new uses and the long-term stewardship of the land.  

To help reimagine the Union Printers Home, UPH Partners are working with the internationally recognized planning and design firm Sasaki to lead the visioning process and produce a master plan for the redevelopment of the historic 25-acre Union Printers Home site and the restoration of the historic buildings. 

Union Printers Home Master Plan team

Master Plan Process

The master planning process, anticipated to take place over approximately 18 months, will engage stakeholders to help inform the vision that blends elements of adaptive reuse with new construction, encompassing a mix of uses to include hospitality, retail, commercial, dining, entertainment, and residential.

The planning and design team includes over a dozen consultants with expertise in design, redevelopment, history preservation, community engagement, market analysis and economics, entitlements and incentives, and site and landscape analysis.

Master Plan Team

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(UPH Partners)

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Design Team

Extended Planning Team

Julie Brooks, Paramount Group
Lisa Bachman, Bachman PR
Ellie Hinkle, Director of History & Archives, Union Printers Home
Craig Dossey, Vertex Consulting Services

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Development Timeline

The redevelopment of the Union Printers Home site began in 2021 with the purchase of the property by the UPH Partners. The project has recently completed the development of a master plan for the property and is beginning the process of seeking approvals for zoning changes and other necessary entititlement changes in order to achieve the vision laid out in the master plan.

The detailed master plan for Printers Hill was developed in 2022 and 2023 by Sasaki in coordination with the UPH Partners
With the master plan complete, the UPH Partners are currently engaging with the Colorado Springs community and beginning the pre-development process.
Printers Hill will submit for rezoning of the property in the coming months in orer to achieve the vision for developing the site into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.
Upon approval of rezoning and other entitlement requests, redevelopment of the Union Printers Home site can begin.
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