Reigniting a Local Community & a Treasured Place​

Union Printers Home today
Union Printers Hill Expansion ribbon cutting
Union Printers Home future campus illustration
Union Printers Home future render of front lawn
Union Printers Home future render of Boiler Room and back lawn

Reigniting a Local Community & a Treasured Place​

EST. 1892 RE-EST. 2022

See a glimpse of what the future can hold

A Master Plan for the Future

We have taken the time to create a Master Plan that respects the history while inspiring a new future for a precious landmark, Union Printers Home, in the growing city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Union Printers Home future render of the front lawn
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Union Printers Home front facade

The Castle on the Hill

The Legacy of Union Printers Home

Since 1892 Union Printers Home has been a landmark in Colorado Springs. Historically known as “The Castle on the Hill,” it was established as a place to “relax, restore and heal.”

Once a home to members of the International Typographical Union, the 26-acre campus hosts a series of historically significant structures that are situated in a parklike setting off Union Boulevard in southeast Colorado Springs and overlooking Memorial Park and the vista of Pikes Peak.  

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Union Printers Home future render front lawn

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The Gazette

The Shifting Sand[stone] of Time

The Shifting Sand[stone] of Time

(1)        THE SITE

During its 130-year history, Union Printers Home has been a destination for healing, a prominent landmark within the city, and a curiosity for generations of Colorado Springs residents and visitors. UPH Partners purchased the property in 2021 to protect its most significant historic assets and to breathe new life into the site. Developing a carefully crafted master plan, UPH Partners will steward a redevelopment strategy of the Union Printers Home into a destination for the City of Colorado Springs, the Front Range and beyond.

It will be an authentic mixed-use neighborhood and a source of inspiration and community pride.

Union Printers Home historic postcard
Union Printers Home aerial photo of front lawn
Union Printers Home campus diagram
Union Printers Home future render of playground

(2)        THE VISION

In 2021 UPH Partners, comprised of longtime local philanthropic and civic-minded investors, purchased Union Printers Home to preserve, revitalize and energize the campus and its iconic buildings. Due to the significance of this property in Colorado Springs’ history and its potential to positively impact the surrounding neighborhoods and the larger region, the group partnered together to take on this ambitious redevelopment opportunity. Over the coming months and years, they will work to create a vision for new uses and the long-term stewardship of the land.      

The forthcoming master plan will blend elements of adaptive reuse with new construction encompassing a mix of potential uses including hospitality, retail, commercial, dining, entertainment, and residential. As a community asset, the campus will be available to the public and visitors alike with open park-like qualities.

Follow the journey with us as we embark on a master planning process that reimagines Union Printers Home, creating a new and exciting vision for bringing back the glory of these iconic structures and transforming the campus into a dynamic and vibrant civic destination. 


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Union Printers Home lawn with Pikes Peak
Union Printers Home front arch

(4)        Explore the History

Take a step back in time as we uncover, document, archive and preserve the 130-year rich and fascinating history of the Union Printers Home.