Union Printers Home Historical arch
Union Printers Home Historical arch

A destination and anchor for the surrounding community

The primary goal of the master plan is to establish a vision for development of the property that will position it as a destination for local residents and out-of-town visitors alike, while as a mixed-use anchor for the surrounding neighborhood. The guiding principles for developing the property are ensuring that it offers public spaces and uses that serve the community and that any new development honors the historic significance of the site and its existing structures. While none of the buildings on the site have designation on any historic registries, honoring and preserving the past and the unique architecture is a core principle of the project.

A place by Colorado Springs for Colorado Springs

The master plan process will include a robust framework for public engagement that gathers feedback from a diverse group of community stakeholders and neighbors. As the master plan develops further, we will provide more information for how people can stay informed and be engaged in the planning process.

Project Goals & Expectations

  1. Honor the historic significance of the property with special attention paid to the adaptive reuse of existing structures.
  2. Create a diverse mix of uses that promotes year-round, 24-hour activation.
  3. Maximize community benefit through the development of public spaces and the generation of new tax revenues spurred by private enterprise.
  4. Position the property as an iconic destination blending elements of high-quality architecture with comprehensive amenities and attractive residential and commercial space.
  5. Prioritize walkability and multi-modal connectivity within the site while tapping into regional transit networks.
  6. Infuse sustainability, smart city technology, and cutting-edge design concepts as guiding principles of development to ensure a timeless experience for generations to come.